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Using Colour Around the Home

18 Feb 2014 | BY Country Interiors

Carl Johnson

Defining Space With Colour

Hi my name is Carl Johnson and I would like to welcome you to my new section on Interior Design Advice. This month I’m going to take a look at how we can use colour to define spaces throughout the home.
Whenever you experiment with colour around the home, it’s important to understand the effects that certain colours can have on the human psyche, here are a few tips to bear in mind:
Red is associated with passion, energy and strength, it is the most noticed of all colours and it is known to stimulate appetite and conversation which makes it the perfect choice for your dining room or as an accent colour in the kitchen.
Orange is a real energy giver, it’s warm, fun and full of life, like its cousin red, it is also great in dining rooms and if used sparingly it can really add something to a lounge area. If you want a colour to expand the size of your room then orange or maybe a nice burnt orange is just the ticket, remember though it must be used sparingly otherwise it could be too overpowering. Tip : try adding a few grey accents for a very sophisticated look.
Yellow is set to be one of the hottest colours in home accessories for 2014 but that does’t mean that you can’t use it on the walls too, it is a very uplifting happy colour and also a great way to add a sense of natural light to your room. Traditionally blue is a great colour to put with yellow but for a softer effect try a nice dove grey or a lavender.
Green can be a very tranquil colour and is often associated with balance, harmony and reassurance, but use it with caution as too much green can create feelings of boredom and jealousy, hence the saying “green with envy” .To counteract this effect, try adding a few blues and turquoises as accent colours.
Blue is a very calm, soothing colour, it is one of a few colours that is actually said to lower blood pressure due to the mental effect it has on us. Most of us associate blue with water and so it tends to be a perfect colour for bathrooms and kitchens, if you also add a few carefully chosen accessories in either white or yellow it can really transform the room.

Purples and Lilacs are my personal favourites, lilacs are often described as heavenly and spiritual and therefore perfect for calm relaxing rooms such as the lounge. Add in a few carefully chosen purples in the form of curtains, cushions and rugs and your room will be completely transformed into a decadent area that literally oozes quality.
Choosing paint can be a bit of a mine field but you will often find that specialist paint shops have a wealth of information and experience in helping you to choose the perfect shade or finish, I personally love chalky matt textures and egg shell finishes from paint companies such as Farrow and Ball, Little Greene and Designers Guild but there are many more excellent companies out there to choose from. Try to be adventurous with your colour schemes and step out of your comfort zone, also don’t be afraid to try a few different shades to add depth and interest to your finished project.
Next month I will be talking about textures and how they can be used to add depth and character to your home, until then happy decorating!