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Interior Design & Space Planning Services

15 Jun 2015 | BY Country Interiors

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Interior Design Consultancy Service

 Interior Design Plans

Interior Design

Interior design can be a daunting task for any home owner, to many the thought of choosing fabrics, furnishings, wall and floor finishes can be a nightmare, not to mention planning the room to make the best available use of space.
At Country Interiors we offer a Design Consultation service to take the stress out of the whole process, our qualified designer will create a design that not only makes the best use of space, but also makes your ideas truly come to life.

The Design Process

Stage 1
The initial consultation is where we sit down with the client to talk through everything required for the proposed design, such as:

  • Intended uses for the room
  • Who will be using the room
  • Likes and dislikes (colours / textures / furniture styles etc.)
  • Customer requirements
  • Furniture etc. to be kept /removed
  • Walls to be removed / altered
  • Age of building and possible planning restrictions

All of these points are discussed and carefully noted to help with the overall design process.

Stage 2

actual flat design concept: computer with a house plan on the screen over plots and architecture draws isolated on white

Detailed design plans

A detailed measure and evaluation of the site is taken to enable accurate plans to be drawn up prior to the start of the design process. From these plans the designer will consider traffic routes, space planning and placement of furniture / internal walls etc.

Stage 3
Once the designer has created a series of preliminary designs and mood boards, a meeting is arranged to discuss the ideas before the final drawings and specification sheets can be created. It is at this stage that any alterations to the plans can be made.

Stage 4
The final drawings are presented to the client, along with detailed specification sheets and a list of recomended local contractors.

Room Design

Interior Design Consultancy from Country Interiors

For more information on our Interior Design Consultancy Service please  call now on 01538 755248 .