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Intu Blinds – A neat solution to an old problem

20 Nov 2014 | BY Country Interiors

Intu Blinds

intu blinds image 1

Intu Venetian Blind on an opening window

What are Intu Blinds I hear you ask, well in a nutshell they are a type of blind that fits snugly in too (intu) the window close to the glass.
They are available in either pleated or metal venetian and operate on a tensioned cord system to allow them to stop at any position.

The tensioning system has the added benefit of allowing the blinds to open with a door or window without it blowing around, this is a major benefit on top light windows or tilt and turn windows.

Pleated intu blinds

An example of the pleated blinds.

Intu blinds have a low profile headrail that is available in white, dark brown or silver to fit in with most types of windows.
The fixing of the blinds to the window can be done by the use of four screws at the top of the window and two grommets at the bottom. Alternatively anyone that doesn’t like the idea of drilling their new windows could have the slightly dearer option of a screwless system.
Both the pleated and the venetian systems have their own advantages which make them ideal for many different areas, here’s a few of the advantages of each type of blind :

Pleated Blinds

These are great for saving energy and for their light blocking / reflecting properties. Most of the fabrics in the range have a light reflecting backing which also acts as a barrier to the cold air around the glass.
The main benefit of the silvered backing is the control of temperature, keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Venetian Blinds

These are not as good for keeping the cold out but are extremely controllable on sunny days, allowing for the blinds to be at any height as well as being open or closed. The operating of the tilt is via a small slider at the top of the blind.

Child Safety

Intu Blinds are the perfect choice for child safety, due to the lack of chains and looped cords.